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Pip's organized Charri's

Post  Pip on Tue Aug 30, 2011 2:56 pm

Mikayla Jonson

Name: Mikayla 'Mikki' Jonson
Age: May 25, 1901(14)

Gender: female

Family: Elizabeth Jonson(deceased) Alexander Jonson(missing)

State Alchemest/Homunculus:state alchemist in training

Able to use Alchemy:yes

Brief history: When Mikki was 4, her mother reported her father missing. He had said that he was going outside for a breath of fresh air and never came back in. A few years later, when Mikki was 10, her mother had given up hope at finding her husband and commited suiside. Mikki, then moved in with her grandmother. She taugh herself how to use alchemy and when she heard of Ed being the youngest state alchemist in history, she decided to become a state alchemist in search of her father.

Personality: Mikki loves to be around others and is very curious. Occasinolly, her curiosity will take over and she will wonder off. This, sometimes will get her in trouble because she dosn't tell others were she is going. Mikki is also scared easly and hates being left alone.

Physical Appearence:Mikki has warm chocolate brown hair that she puts up in a pony tail. Her eyes are a blueish color. She has caucasion skin. Also, Mikki wears glasses.

Talents: Mikki is very smart, and enjoy's reading. She's very skilled with alchemy, and draws alchemy symbols on her hands so she dosn't have to spend time drawing a transmutation circle.

Fatal Flaw: Mikki hates being left alone, and will often start sobbing if she is left in the dark for to long.

Pets:A black cat named Ninja Suspect

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