Character templates!

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Character templates!

Post  Pip on Tue Aug 30, 2011 1:52 pm

Copy and past this character templete into another topic(labled characters) call it (your username)'s charaters or something like that. Make sure to keep all of your characters in the same topic.

Name: First and Last
Age: month/day/year
Gender: male/female
Family: Mom/Dad/Siblings?
State Alchemest/Homunculus:Yes/no/yes/no
Able to use Alchemy:yes or no
Brief history:3-4 sentences(min.) Include detailes!
Personality:3-4 sentences(min) how does your character act?
Physical Appearence:3-4 sentences (min) How does he/she look?
Talents:Able to use alchemy? Unnaturaly smart? Good at cooking?(examples)
Fatal Flaw: Something homunculus can use agenst your character

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